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Why No One Talks About Help Anymore

Definition of Irony

Describing what irony is can be stressing and time-consuming. This is so in spite that many people find themselves using the word. Some of them use it correctly while others just use it like any other side not necessarily understanding its real meaning. The word irony is a word in English that means the results being different what was presumed to happen. This implies that your expectation fails terribly. For your information, the irony is very different from coincidence. Many people have been using irony even where it’s a matter coincident. A situation when two opposite things happen people may term it as irony.

Irony has many functions in life. Irony can make on to have a negative feeling over something that will not happen as anticipated. You can read more about irony on various sites. To understand more about irony you can listen to you tubes videos, read articles and blog. When you do that you will be able to discuss openly and widely about the word irony. This article has given you types of ironies that help you to learn more about the usage of irony.

At first, let’s look at the verbal irony. Many people know about the verbal irony. In verbal irony what is said doesn’t match with the prevailing condition. The words expressed convey a different message from what the speaker is talking about. The Verbal irony is a form of comedy that can make people break their ribs in laughter and generally the functions of verbal irony. A verbal irony can be seen clearly when someone comments positively about a whether or situation that is really affecting him or her negatively.

The other sort of irony is situational irony. Here, the expected outcome of a situation comes in a different way. The situation irony can cause you to sympathize with the victim. In situational irony you can either cry or laugh because what has happened. In situation irony, you feel for other people’s situation when you are not aware that the same situation will affect you later.

The next type of the irony we will talk about is the dramatic irony. The authors of novels and movies mostly use the dramatic irony. With the dramatic irony you get encouraged to follow the movie so that you can know what will happen at the end last. The feeling of the dramatic irony is humor or a bad feeling. The audience may be expecting something to happen to the character but it doesn’t happen in the real sense. One of the parties involved in dramatic irony makes the situation intentionally.

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